Problems in Kiel

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Problems with the car...

The next morning it looks worse than I thought. As I pour water into the cooling system, it is pouring out beneath the vehicle. Something is seriously wrong here. We drive across the German border – no checks, and park at the first gas station which has parts and a repair shop. A person from the staff checks the engine, and find a problem with the hoses in the cooling system, but they don’t have the spare part we need.

Eskil fires up our Garmin GPS, a gift from the Norwegian importer. We enter the address for a VW spare part shop. We drive like locals into Kiel, and find the address, but there is no help there. They are about to close for the day, but suggests a spare part shop who are experts on Transporters. Once again we enter an address and quickly find the place. We are served coffee, and they check if they have the part. No, the vehicle is too old, once again we are not getting help. The time is past one in the afternoon, it is Saturday, and it looks like it is going to be hard to get assistance, even though we are in the home country of the Transporter.

If we don’t get this fixed, this will mess up our schedule, and we will not reach Auschwitz when planned. We are driving a bit on random, and stop at a gas station, where we see a mechanic with a six-pack of beer, on his way to a truck repair shop next to the gas station. We get his attention and he tells us to follow him. Once again they can’t help us. “Here we repair trucks, and don’t have parts for smaller vehicles.”

We are told about a local repair shop, but they doubt it is open on Saturdays. We take the risk, and go to that place, but the repair shop is closed. Outside there is two young men loading scrap metal into a car. They are Gypsies from Serbia, and they know the owner of the place. I show them the book about Gypsies, and we make contact. They look at the engine, and one of them calls the owner – he says he will come.

After a while our saviour comes – Mathias, a rather tall German. He looks at the engine and says he can fix it, but he has to improvise a little. Superb, we can get going today. Eskil and I go to get a little to eat while Mathias starts fixing. After about 45 minutes, he is finished. He had to install an Audi part, but it works. We are buckling up and heads towards Berlin, where we will sleep over at some of my friends on our way to Poland and Auschwitz. We are saved by Gypsies and are on a Gypsy-trip in Europe’s backyard.

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